Potato Timer

Potato Timer

Potato timer is a simple Pomodoro timer app that I made because my friends and I were all using the Pomodoro technique to study/work at the time. I thought it would be fun to track hour hours and have a leaderboard to see how much each of us were working.

You can use it as a normal Pomodoro timer or you can sign up and track your hours. The authentication and database is all built with Firebase which made it really easy to get up and running. The frontend is Next.js and Tailwind for styling.

Everything is customizible to appeal to everyones study techniques and asthetic preferences. You can set the work/break session times to any duration and choose from a variety of themes.

At the request of my friends I added the ability to set your timer sound to anything you want. By dropping an mp3 url you can add any sound you want to play when your timer is up. This lead to almost exclusively memes being used as timer sounds.


  • Next.js
  • Tailwind


  • Firebase
  • Vercel