Focount is a remake of the popular app Tricount. Focount is a simple way to track expenses and balances with friends. It eliminates the need for constant back and forth when splitting bills, making it easy to keep track of who owes who. I built this app because my roomates and I use Tricount to track our expenses, but we found it to be lacking in a few areas.

You can create a group and add members to it. Once you've added members, you can create expenses and assign them to one or more members. The app will automatically calculate the balance for each member and display it on the dashboard. You can also view the balance for each member by clicking on their name.

Expanding on Tricount functionality, I added expense categories so we can track how much we spend on different things such as groceries, eating out, and entertainment. I also added charts to visualize the data.

I built this app using Vue3, Tailwind, and Firebase/Firestore for the backend and authentication. I am currently working on a Mobile app with React Native which would replace this making it easier to use on the go. With a little expirmentation with Image recognition I want the ability to take a picture of a receipt and have the app automatically create an expense.


  • Vue3
  • Tailwind


  • Firebase
  • Firestore